Founding owner and entrepreneur, Aldo Velaj started in the restaurant industry at a very young age of 15 and worked his way to creating successful restaurants. One of his ventures is Hungry Guys Kitchen, a very successful modern health conscious salad and burrito bar on Granville street in the heart of downtown Vancouver.

Learning to cook from his mother, Aldo committed himself to serving fresh good food from Mother Nature that is sourced from local sustainable ingredients.

With this concept in mind the idea of a burger bar was created. Welcome Chit Chat Burger Bar. Handcrafted and gourmet juicy burgers cooked just the way you like them, with hand cut fries on the side in a casual lounge setting on Vancouver’s downtown Granville street. We have specialty drinks to get you started or alongside your burger, but save some room for after with our ice creams and milkshakes. Meet up with friends, make new friends, or just eat, drink and enjoy great food and our fun atmosphere.



We invite you to check out our amazing and juicy burger options to choose from. And not to forget the drinks and gelato.